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The Rebuilder


Safe, Effective Pain Treatment
Over 1,000,000 users
Endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers of America
20+ Years Experience
FDA Cleared

Like a pacemaker for your heart, the ReBuilder electronically measures the condition of your peripheral nerves and corrects the problem. It is a 30 minute treatment with no side effects. The ReBuilder is FDA cleared.

The ReBuilder is a therapeutic treatment, not just a temporary pain relieving device. The results are cumulative.

Think of it as a way to hit the “reset” button on your nerves.

A note from one of our customers:
“Thank you ReBuilder Medical for the pain free years since I first met you. My life and the things the Lord has wanted me to do have been so much easier because of you. I pray each and every one of you has a blessed Christmas and that our Lord will reward you for your caring hearts.”
C. I. - 12/15/2014

Get your life back!

The pain of peripheral neuropathy can be caused by many things such as poor blood flow, prescription medicines such as statins, trauma, environmental toxins, diabetes, chemotherapy, muscle spasms and many other things. No matter what the cause, the ReBuilder is able to reduce or eliminate your pain symptoms.

The ReBuilder is an “intelligent” medical device. It has three parallel processors that analyzes the condition of your nerves 7.83 times per second, and then computes and delivers the corrective signal, specific for you. As you change and improve, the ReBuilder changes with you. Everything is automatic and simple, just turn it on, sit back and relax.

Rebuilder 2407

How Does The Rebuilder Work?

The ReBuilder delivers an electronic signal that travels from one foot, up that leg via the sciatic nerve, across your lower spine, and down the other leg to the other foot. This soothing signal helps improve the communication between your nerves and your brain, resulting in the reduction, and often the elimination, of the pain you are experiencing. It can also be used to treat issues in the hands in a similar fashion.

Safe, Effective Pain Treatment
Over 1,000,000 users
Endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers of America
20+ Years Experience
FDA Cleared

The Rebuilder Is Like a Pacemaker For Your Nerves

In effect, the ReBuilder acts like a pacemaker works for your heart's electrical signals. If the pacemaker does not send exactly the right signal, then the four chambers of the heart may not pump in the right order and if the signal is too fast or too slow, the heart stops. So, too, the ReBuilder's precisely controlled waveform coaxes your nerves to transmit their signals in the proper order.

Although designated as a TENS relative to the FDA's regulations, the ReBuilder's signals are vastly more controlled and precise.

You can think of the ReBuilder as a pacemaker for your nerves.

About Rebuilder

How Do I Find Out If I Qualify For Care?

Call us to schedule a complementary consultation to determine if you are a candidate for our 5-step Neuropathy Relief Program. The doctor will ask you a series of questions such as “Where is the pain, when did it begin, what makes it better or worse?” Then a thorough examination will be performed in which case the doctor will check your reflexes, blood pressure, balance, gait, skin sensory changes muscle strength and more to determine the cause of your Neuropathy symptoms. At this point the doctor may recommend x-rays or an MRI if he feels like further imaging will be necessary to determine the exact cause. After combining all of this information together the doctor will determine if you will make a good candidate for our 5-step Protocol for Neuropathy Pain Relief. If you do qualify for care, your Doctor will explain their recommended plan of action for you. If for some reason you do not qualify for care the doctor will refer you to someone who may better suit your needs.

Serious Neuropathy pain in the form of Diabetic Neuropathy (Diabetes), peripheral neuropathy, chemo induced neuropathy, neuropathy caused by Chemical factors – Chemotherapy, Alcoholism, Medical & Industrial Toxins, Mechanical Neuropathy – Bulged, Herniated, Degenerated Disc; Failed Back Surgery & Sciatica, Mechanical or compressive forms of neuropathy. Sciatica and even neuropathy caused by genetic or hereditary forms can be treated using our 5-step Neuropathy Protocol including Rebuilder, Body and Leg wraps, Self Mastery Technology, Vibration Therapy and Nutritional Therapy to treat the symptoms associated with neuropathy including leg pain, numbness, tingling, burning, shooting pain, electrical pain.

The Back Pain Ceter is proud to treat residents suffering from neuropathy symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling, shooting pain, electrical pain, burning, throbbing, restless legs syndrome, in Charlotte, NC.